Some informations about company

We are small company that provides tools and services in e-mail ecosystem.


Where is HQ located?

HQ is located in Poland

Why you use .ovh domain?

There is some reasons:

  • It's really cheap (1.5$ per year)

  • It's not a "mainstream" extension so, 4-letter names was available

Why func? what does mean?

Func from function - we provide really small apps / tools / services so function is good word to describe it. Func is short name used by some programming languages to define function.

If you have any questions please start new discussion on our community or check our twitter

Why I should choose your services?

We build fast. We are open. We don't have any global startup - unicorn expectations from market. We are aware of what we want and what values we want to provide to our clients.

We have the general goal of building email - based tools that we use ourselves with pleasure.