Security and safety informations

Using tools based on e-mail is safe?

Same as your email box. We recommends more complicated passwords.

We use open source projects

We use some OpenSource projects to build this service:

git, node.js, centos, nginx, openstack, fastify, typescript, jest, puppeteer, chromium, pm2

We encrypt via TLS/SSL - certificates

All messages sending or receiving in our servers was encrypted by SSL delivered by Let's Encrypt

We have also some static pages

Some of our services uses static pages (html+css+js) to provide advanced "configuration" of service ex. Website Monitor.

Those static sites is deployed on Netlify.

Landing page - this website is provided by project

How we deploy services?

Git, CI / CD is provided by GitLab.

We have configured automatic pipelines to test and deploy.

High availability

We are currently deployed only in one zone of our Public Cloud.

Backups and logs

We provide logs from HTTP, SSH and all items in our database is Event Sourced. We provide continously backups each day and store in 7 different locations.

Where I can check thats services operates normally?