Monitor website changes ex. pricing, text changes, competitor product features, rules or privacy

How does it work?

Website monitoring is a tool thanks to which you can easily monitor changes on the website.

It is extremely useful for:

  • Competition monitoring - monitor product changes.

  • Security - changes to regulations, privacy policies, price lists.

  • Checking the operation of the site - monitoring whether subsequent changes do not spoil previous releases.

  • Product price monitoring - buy cheaper.

  • Availability monitoring - check when something will be available.

  • And many others

The way it works is quite simple, every 15 minutes we take a screenshot of the entire page, then we compare it with the previous one and if there have been any changes in the designated area - we mark it and send it directly to your e-mail.

Each received e-mail, includes additional options like i.e. removing the monitor or changing its parameters - and all of that, without leaving your email client.





Add new monitor

Url in subject

Add new monitor with mobile resultuion

Url in subject

Add new monitor with tablet resultuion

Url in subject

Delete monitor with id in subject

Id in subject

Url - valid url with format http(s)://

Id - valid id of monitor


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