Wan't to have "sent" e-mail in your folder? just sent this to nobody.

How it works?

A free service available to anyone who uses email as a "disk".

Sometimes you want to have something on your e-mail address, e.g.

  • Plane ticket,

  • Concert ticket,

  • Purchase confirmation,

  • Picture

  • etc

You usually send it to yourself then archive the message in your inbox.

From today, this last step is not needed!

Just send a message with attachments to

What will happen to your message?

  1. We will confirm receipt and delete it - we will not save this data

  2. You can find your stuff in the sent folder.

Simple right?




An empty mailbox. We only confirm receipt of the message without saving it.


  1. Create new e-mail

  2. Add attachment

  3. Sent to

  4. You can find your attachments in Sent folder of your inbox