Time tracker

Track your working time

How it works?

All you have to do is send an email to start@track.func.ovh to start counting your work. In the subject put the name of the project for which you work or the activity you perform depending on how you want to receive the summary report. Each time you change the activity, the old measurement is stopped. To change the activity just send another email at start@track.func.ovh. To stop working, please send stop@track.func.ovh.

Simple right?






Project name

Start point of your work


Project name

Stop point of your work


Generate report for given time default range is current week. You can pass +{number}m or +{number}w parameter to fetch more than one month. w - weeks, m-months


  1. Sent to start@track.func.ovh with XYZ subject

  2. [wait 5 minutes]

  3. Sent to start@track.func.ovh with ZYX subject

  4. [wait 3 minutes]

  5. Sent to stop@track.func.ovh

  6. Sent report@track.func.ovh

  7. You should receive work tracking report with your project entries from subject.